Choosing a Setting for Vampire: The Masquerade

Oblivion by Night.

This is a game about personal horror. In the interests of saving time, however, your descent into oblivion will be directly by you. As such, I am offering three scenarios:

Montreal by Night – the dark, seedy depths of the modern Montreal underground are like a cancerous womb that atrophies and poisons those it has consumed. A new Archbishop rules over the kindred of Montreal, but the plots against her run deep. Will she hang on to her title, will her competitors seize power for themselves, or is some darker fate in store for them all?

London by Night – In 1885, Jack the Ripper stalks between the gaslight zones in the London fog, awakening the horror for all. For the poor of Whitechapel, their very lives are at risk, but for the resident monsters of the centre of the British Empire, the attention of the world being drawn to the dark corners of London, threatens then all. The precarious balance of intrigues has been disrupted, and what shall emerge or survive, none can foresee.

Calgary by Night – Rising to global attention and power in the heart of ascendent western wealth and alienation, a growing imbalance threatens the suddenly nascent kindred of Calgary. As corporate greed extends the skyline, more and more wage slaves slip out of shrinking middle class and scramble for crumbs in squalor. Meanwhile, foreign money pours into the hands of eco-terrorists, student-socialists, and first nation insurrectionists. Can the Cainites of Calgary adapt to the rapidly changing environment, or will they be replaced by new blood?

So choose your path to Oblivion. Horror awaits.


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